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 FIAT 500 

Automoblox Vintage


Design a toy car following the style

of the Automoblox brand to be used

by children aged 18 months and older.

The toy is to be inspired by a produced car.

automoblox picture.jpeg


My design is inspired by the vintage Fiat 500.

It's one of the most popular cars in Europe

and one of the smallest produced.

Making a vintage Fiat 500 Automoblox means

that children will be able to fall in love with this popular car and its personality.

Untitled-Artwork (3).jpg
Untitled-Artwork 1 (3)_edited.jpg
automoblox car.394.png

Exploded view

Automoblox toy cars are made of wood bodies, plastic connector pieces, polycarbonate wheels,

and rubber components. 

automoblox boy.jpg

Fiat 500 vintage

automoblox boy 2.jpg
automoblox boy 3.jpg
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